Autora lapa: Indra Lielkāja


I come to Ethiopia on a regular basis since 2008. Not that I am completely obsessed with this country, I have been elsewhere too - in other African countries, India and such. But there is something that draws me specifically to Ethiopia. Which is why I keep exploring all and any opportunity to go there at least once a year and at least for a month, preferably for three or more, if I get lucky. In my travels I have criss-crossed this country all over, I have worked here, I have lazed around - just living among the people. Alone. At the beginning - with no language skills at all. Ok, so I did know a bit of English and a few words in the Amharic language. But it is not language that matters. It is the interaction that has to be learnt. Izlasi 25 min.


Un, ziniet, tas plašums, kas Etiopijā, tas ir tas, pēc kā es vienkārši slāpstu. Tu, cilvēk, apsēdies kaut vai vienkārši uz paugura un Tev paveras netverams plašums pie kājām. Kā visa Latvija. Vai pat divas. Izlasi 20 min.