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Just like the three musketeers and D’Artagnan with their motto “One for all and all for one” there are four of us in West Africa: our driver, common sense and pathfinder Justice, Oskars who oftentimes gets called millionaire by the Latvian mass media as if that was a profession or craftsmanship, the math teacher Jeff who saved me from an attack of wild dogs last year in Cape Coast, and I. We make up a very balanced team, not unified by a noble cause or other nonsense so popular in literature. We have joined forces for one purpose only - to drive around Ghana and explore lesser known regions near the country’s border with Burkinafaso, Ivory Coast and Togo Izlasi 24 min.


I come to Ethiopia on a regular basis since 2008. Not that I am completely obsessed with this country, I have been elsewhere too - in other African countries, India and such. But there is something that draws me specifically to Ethiopia. Which is why I keep exploring all and any opportunity to go there at least once a year and at least for a month, preferably for three or more, if I get lucky. In my travels I have criss-crossed this country all over, I have worked here, I have lazed around - just living among the people. Alone. At the beginning - with no language skills at all. Ok, so I did know a bit of English and a few words in the Amharic language. But it is not language that matters. It is the interaction that has to be learnt. Izlasi 25 min.


It was a tender April 20s night, not unlike one of those I imagine Francis Scott Fitzgerald wrote about: a gentle wind blew from the sea, a full moon shone above Nice, the bustling of restaurant visitors on Place Garibaldi got quieter already after 11pm. It was an off-season Wednesday, after all. It was around this time that I decided to take a walk from Nice to Monaco. Well, I had no choice. I had forgotten my card and phone charger in my friend's car, and she had left for Monaco much earlier. I had spent more than an hour waiting for the night bus and in vain. As I discovered with help of a passer-by, there was no night bus from the Nice airport to Monaco on Wednesday nights. Meanwhile, I had missed the last train leaving around 11pm. Izlasi 7 min.


My only questionable character trait is that I cannot help but tell everyone about Africa. Without being asked, for no reason at all. They talk to me, say, about love, but I barge in with my “But once in Burkina Faso…” I do understand that it is stupid, but I just seem unable to help it. This adventure stands out way too brightly in my drab life. I cannot refrain from sharing it. It is about time therefore that I legitimise it and write it down on these pages. Izlasi 30 min.